I share my experience with the community by publishing articles in my field of expertise. It is also a place where other tech people can get in touch with me to share ideas in the field.

I love hacking and life Trance music. I contribute to open source projects at leisure. I would love to pursue challenging opportunities which contribute to a better tomorrow for all of us!

What is in my skill set?

I am a Operations Engineer with extensive experience in system administration. I have played with a lot of tools and toys. However, I would call these my primary skills:

  • Automation: python/bash/batch scripts
  • Editor: sublime text3, vim, PyCharm, but shifted to notepad++ on windows
  • Configuration management: ansible
  • Working tools like: wrike, trello, confluence, slack, evernote, google drive etc.

I know Git&GitHub and work mostly on Ubuntu. I have Linux VMs running using Vagrant. I am also a big fan of Docker. I have working experience with MySQL, PostgreSQL and NoSQLs as well.

I am also pretty good at these stuff:

  • — Monitoring systems: Zabbix
  • — Virtualization: VmWare ESXi, XEN
  • — Storage: LVM, hardware/software RAID, NFS, ZFS
  • — Centralized Logging: Rsyslog, Syslog-ng, Kibana/Logstash/Elasticsearch



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