I share my experience with the community by publishing articles in my field of expertise. It is also a place where other tech people can get in touch with me to share ideas in the field. It’s just my way to thanks all the people who are blogging around the world and to give back what they gave to me: knowlegde I do this for free.

This blog will stay ad free forever. For some personals reasons, my name will never appear on this website. I prefer to stay anonymous even if most of you will probably find a way to know who am I or already know my real identity. This website host my personal blog about Devops stuffs.

My DevOps stack: Docker / K8S / Swarm mode / Jenkins / ELK / Zabbix / Grafana / Prometheus / Ansible / Vagrant / Gitlab, Gitlab-CI / Traefik

To contact me you can write a letter to [email protected]

(including job offers)